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Meet Lupita

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

This about-to-be thirteen year old loves spending time with her trusty companion and very adorable dog Toby, she loves snap chatting with her cousins and her favorite color is PURPLE (us too Lupita, us too).

Unfortunately, Lupita has been spending a lot of time at home or at the hospital since she was diagnosed with B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in 2021. This type of leukemia makes it very easy for kids like Lupita to get infections in their mouths. Things like eating and drinking can be really hard for her so dad, Benito, and the rest of the family make sure she gets all the nutrition she needs through a feeding tube.

Recently, we went on home visit with Lupita, her dad Benito, the rest of the family and of course, Toby. They talked about how Jacob’s Heart has been able to help out the family by providing fresh nutritious groceries weekly, transportation to chemotherapy appointments, and financial support. Since single dad Benito had to stop working to help take care of her, this type of support ensures that he can be there for her when things change on a dime and he can give her the care she needs.

Lupita’s Family Support Specialist Daniela has been a huge support throughout this journey for the family. Whenever there is something that the family doesn’t quite understand, Daniela is there to help them navigate it.

"In the past 40 years of my life, my family has never had a cancer diagnosis. This experience has been beyond challenging and new to us. Daniela has been there for us 100%. She always asks us how we are doing and checks up on Lupita. She cares about my daughter and we take notice of this. We are thankful to the whole Jacob's Heart team who contributes towards Lupita's care. Without Jacob's Heart many families would miss out on this beautiful support system that we had no clue existed. We wish Jacob's Heart many blessings so that they may continue helping other families like us." Benito, Lupita's Dad

Lupita is looking forward to being able to celebrate her Quinceañera (sweet 15th birthday) alongside her family and all of her cousins. Even though she has a couple years to go she has already chosen the color (we hope it's purple!) and style of dress that she wants to wear on her big day.

Thank you Lupita, for being an inspiration for our team here at Jacob’s Heart and to the community!


Jacob's Heart Family: Because of you and your donations, not only are we are able to support Lupita and her family, we can care for families facing the unimaginable from Morgan Hill to King City, and from Santa Cruz to Hollister. Thank you for your continued support!


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