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Even before COVID, families with immunocompromised children couldn’t safely make trips to the grocery store. The Full Hearts Grocery Delivery Program provides families with weekly deliveries of fresh, organic produce and essential living supplies right to their doorsteps, relieving them of the burden and vulnerability of going to the store.


Full Hearts Grocery Program

Full Hearts Grocery volunteers pack and deliver the groceries to Jacob’s Heart families every week to help alleviate the financial burden of shopping for food.

How it works

Families who qualify will receive two large bags of groceries delivered to their doorstep: one produce bag and one dry goods bag. Families also receive a gift card in the mail to help them purchase their own favorite food items.

Heart Mart Family Store

The Heart Mart is our very own grocery store within the Jacob’s Heart Family Center. Heart Mart provides families with basic groceries and essentials they may need such as cereal, canned goods, produce, and cleaning products.

How it works

Families can visit the Heart Mart every other Friday to shop and connect with the Jacob’s Heart team.

Caroline's Closet

For more than ten years, Caroline’s Nonprofit Thrift Store (located in Aptos, CA) has sponsored our clothing closet at Jacob's Heart Family Center. It has grown to include clothes, shoes, and household supplies families can shop for at no cost.

How it works

On Heart Mart days, families are encouraged to take a trip to Caroline’s to stock up on any clothing items their children may need.


“I love delivering groceries because it allows me to see first hand the positive impact Jacob’s Heart is making for children with cancer and their families.”


Bobbi, Jacob’s Heart Board Member

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