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Current Research and National Initiatives

Bereaved Parents Perspectives on End-of-Life Care for Children with Cancer: Implications for Quality Markers

This is the first qualitative study to identify quality markers for children dying from cancer from the bereaved parents’ perspective. A natural death is generally preferred, and measures that address barriers to parents spending time with their child, lack of preparation for the events surrounding death, and feelings of abandonment are critical.

Emily Johnston MD, 2019

Reigniting the Passion for Nursing

A case study to discover the restorative experience of 20 pediatric intensive care and pediatric oncology nurses volunteering at a camp for children with cancer.

Research Question
Is volunteering at a camp for children with cancer an effective intervention in relieving burn-out for nurses working in the high-stress specialty of pediatric intensive care and pediatric oncology?

Lori Butterworth MEd, Kelly Johnson PhD, Annette Nasar PhD, Darcy Swisher RN, BSN (2019)

Household material hardship in families of children post-chemotherapy

A follow-up study to the 2017 Boston Children’s Study, this study looks at financial toxicity for families.

Anju Goya MD, Lauren Kutscher Thompson MD, Lori Butterworth Med