Alexander McCrone

“A world without love is impossible.” — Alexander McCrone

Since his days in preschool, Alex could be seen with his charming smile and flowing blonde curls running down the hall giving high fives to his friends and teachers. As Alex grew, he developed the ability to see and share life with the simple yet profound wisdom that God gives to exceptional children like him.

There are few people who have faced life’s trials as gracefully and courageously as Alex did. Diagnosed with cancer at age four, he triumphantly beat the cancer monster twice and continued to live his life fully, infusing each moment with his family and friends with all the love possible.

A free-spirited philosopher well beyond his years, Alex taught us how to love, how to say, “I’m sorry,” and how to forgive. Alex wanted everyone to get along and appreciate one another. He loved to be active, playing baseball, swimming, doing karate and sharing his Pokémon cards with anyone who would play. During his final days, Alex spoke words of wisdom to share far and wide: “A world without love is impossible.”

Every year during his time in school, Alex received well-deserved awards and recognitions including the Loyalty Award in second grade, the Character Quality Award in fifth grade. Alex attended Monterey Bay Christian School, Anthem Christian School, the Child Development Center on Monterey Road, and the Bulgarian School in Sunnyvale. He enjoyed karate at the Fierce Tigers Martial Arts in Salinas.

Alex and his family have been part of community of Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Services for eight years. Some of Alex’s best times were with his Jacob’s Heart friends at Camp Heart + Hands, the holiday parties and Kidrageous. Alex cared deeply about all children with cancer, not just himself.

Alex’s family would deeply appreciate donations in Alex’s memory be made to Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Services.

to make a donation to Jacob’s Heart Childrens’ Cancer Support Services in memory of Alexander McCrone.


Edgar Crespo-Barragan

Siempre en nuestros corazones

Edgar was a sweet, optimistic boy who loved his family dearly…and he also loved soccer. Soccer was his life, and Real Madrid was HIS team. Before cancer, Edgar played soccer himself—the joy soccer brought to him could be seen in his beautifully contagious smile as he brought the ball down the field and passed it to his teammates.

When he could no longer play soccer himself, soccer turned virtual, and Edgar’s love of gaming began. He discovered he could still kick a soccer ball and score goals with his favorite video game Fifa, and he found he could be a strong warrior when playing Fortnite. When Make-A-Wish asked him what his “wish” was, he asked for a gaming room, which virtually connected him to what mattered most…his friends and family.

Edgar was a strong self advocate, incredibly kind, always positive, and never liked to see anyone cry.

Edgar’s family; his parents, two brothers, grandmother, aunties, uncles and cousins meant the world to him, and he was loved back by a huge community. Edgar treasured his faith, which was always close to his heart.

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