“When Jacob was first diagnosed, I remember people telling me that God never gives you more than you can handle. I never thought I could believe that again. What I’ve learned, is that you can handle anything if you don’t have to handle it alone.”     — Angel Mario, Jacob’s Mom

We accompany families through the entire trajectory of treatment, towards the goals of hope and healing. Healing, even when there is no cure, can take place in a caring community.

“I want people to know that I was here and that I fought. Cancer did not defeat me.”
— Johnny Robledo

“Being a teen with cancer is very different than it is for little kids. We know what’s going on. We need honest conversations and information. We need other teens who understand what we are going through.”     

— Jacob’s Heart Teen


“Jacob’s Heart was like our ‘Make-A-Wish’ for parents — Jacob’s Heart gave us time with our son — that was our wish.”    

— Linda Rossi , Cole’s Mom

“When you’re a kid going through treatment, you worry a lot about your parents. All of us do. We worry about our whole family. Jacob’s Heart has helped my family and that helps me.”

— Liz, Jacob’s Heart Teen

“I made an impact on a lot of people. I would do it again just so that I can help others.”   

— Andrew Castañeda

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