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Change of Heart

Change a life with your spare change!

Imagine how many trips back and forth to Stanford or UCSF children with cancer have to make to get chemotherapy and radiation. Sometimes cancer treatment lasts for three years or more. Some children with cancer visit the hospital four times a week. If you multiply all of those rides and then add the cost of gas, missing work, and worrying, imagine how hard it is for parents.

That’s where Jacob’s Heart and YOU come in.

Jacob’s Heart works every day to improve the quality of life for children with cancer and support their families in the challenges they face. One way we do this is by making sure no child with cancer in our community ever misses a medical appointment because they don’t have a ride.

With spare change, you can help Jacob’s Heart provide safe, reliable transportation for children whose parents don’t have a car, and gas cards for parents who are able to drive but need help getting there. Imagine what a difference you can make.

Be a Change Ambassador for Jacob’s Heart!

Click each toggle below and choose documents for High School or younger or College. Print each document, complete the application, read the checklist, and submit the appropriate paperwork based on the checklist.

Print program documents below:

Your participation provides:

Two round-trip door-to-door rides for families traveling to treatment at Stanford or UCSF.

One round-trip door-to-door ride for a family traveling to treatment at Stanford or UCSF.

A Gas Card to a family traveling to Stanford or UCSF.

For More Information

Questions: Please call Ishtar at 831.724.9100 or email her at ishtar@jacobsheart.org.