“When Jacob was first diagnosed, I remembered someone saying that God never gives you more than you can handle. I never thought I could believe those words again. But, what I have learned is, you can handle anything if you don’t have to handle it alone.” —Angel Mario, Jacob’s Mom

Imagine hearing the words, “Your child has cancer.”

The emotional impact is staggering…They tell you that treatment may last for years…

You travel the long road between hospital and home…The financial worries multiply…

You lose plans for your future and the dream of a healthy child…Your children feel afraid, isolated and confused…

You want to stay strong for everyone…You cry into your pillow so no one can hear…

You can’t comprehend what the doctors are saying…Your friends and family don’t understand…

You contemplate how to get through each passing day…

Nobody gets it…

Until there’s a cure, Jacob’s Heart is here. 

Where do you turn?

After nearly 20 years of service to families, we at Jacob’s Heart have learned that the best way to improve the quality of life for a child with cancer is to provide practical, compassionate support to their families. That’s why our services start with parents; because more than anything, children with cancer need a strong and supportive parent with them to hold their hand and look after their needs.

When families need support, Jacob’s Heart is here  – from the time of diagnosis, when the “little goodbyes” begin, through the treatment process and beyond. We celebrate successful treatment, as well as rejoice, honor and mourn for those who lose life to cancer. All of our services are provided in both English and Spanish.

What does Jacob’s Heart do?

Jacob’s Heart supports the entire family – art programs, counseling, financial assistance, in home and hospital visits, celebrations, and support groups. Our programs cater to a family ’s basic needs – emotional support, help with household bills, an understanding community, time together as a family, a place to turn for information and even fun.

When a family is connected to Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Services, they are embraced by a community of support – staff, volunteers and other resource agencies. We are present to support the entire family as they move through the diagnosis, treatment and beyond.

Our programs reduce stress, provide comfort, improve mental health and provide resources for local children with cancer and their families.

Jacob's Heart Hands Ceremony

Our elemental and holistic services include:

  • Individual and Family Emotional Support:
    a) bilingual family and individual counseling; b) support groups for families in treatment and bereaved; c) art therapy and sand tray therapy in the home, hospital or group setting; and d) life-skills training for adolescents. 
  • Peer Mentorship and Psychosocial Support:
    a) a dynamic family support network made up of veteran and new families; b) family activities and social events; c) resources and referrals; and d) celebrations honoring the important milestones in the lives of children with cancer and their siblings.
  • Practical and Financial Assistance:
    a) direct payment of bills such as rent, phone, utilities, fuel and groceries for children undergoing treatment and for up to six months post treatment, b) financial assistance for funeral or other expenses when a child dies; c) resources and referrals; d) transportation coordination for medical appointments; e) caregiver support provided by trained volunteers; and f) biweekly home deliveries of nutritious groceries to families whose children are undergoing intensive cancer treatment, and for up to six months post treatment or following the death of a child.
  • Community Education:
    a) outreach to schools, government and community agencies; b) distribution of gold ribbons for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month; c) information booths at community events; and d) speakers bureau to raise awareness about the emotional and financial impact pediatric cancer and childhood death have on families and the community as a whole.

Watch The Video About Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs:

Maslow's Hierarchy of Human NeedsPyramid

With the goal of guiding families toward a sense of hope and healing in the midst of immense suffering, Jacob’s Heart provides love, belonging, counseling and other emotionally enriching services.


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