Jacob’s Heart is honored to receive the support of these Kind Heart Donors.

Kind Heart Donors help us improve the quality of life for children with cancer and support their families in the challenges they face.

With deep gratitude, we thank and invite you to join them.

Kind Hearts $250 to $999

3W Builders Inc.
Juan and Maria Aguirre
Harry and Mary Albert
Alpha Theta Chapter of Omega Nu
Frank and Regina Amato
American Ag Credit
American Endowment Foundation
American Legion Post No. 694
Anacapa Foods
Anselmi Psychology Group Inc
Catherine Antle
Aptos Feed Store, Damian Delezene
Anne Backovich
Jose Barba
Gloria Behman
Mark and Dawn Hannah Bercow
Dirk Bergstrom
Deana Bible
Matthew and Carla Binder and Rosal
Lawrence and Ellen Borger
Brad and Nancy Boschetto
Donna Bruhn
Thomas Burden
Michael and Denine Butcher
Thomas Bush and Grace Sanchez
Joe and Lori Butterworth
California International Airshow
Campos Real Estate
C and N Tractors
Capitola Public Safety and Community
Juan Capela
Penelope Carless
Nelly Cassis
Christiana Cava
Central Electric Company
Marco and Sonia Cervantes
Susanne and Gordon Clayton
Mary Colburn
Francis Colligan
Julie Collins
Katharine Comstock
Congregational Church of Soquel
Michael and Cinde Connor-Soik
Costanoa High School Students
John and Lisa Cottle
Jeff Cracolice
Robert and Susan Creveling
Crossroads Books, Kelly Dieskunas
David and Maria Culver
D’Arrigo Bros. Co.
John and Jana Davids
Gerry and Kathleen Davis
Robert and Diana Deacon
Charles and Lynda Dunbar
Alfonso Duran
Kathleen Erickson
Raul and Maria Esparza
Celeste Falor
Timothy Falvey
Aldene and Jon Fanoe
Juliane and Nikolai Farrand
Gregory Ferraro
Fidelity Charitable
Finesse Mills LLC
Paul and Ruth Flowers
Dan Foss
Bryan Fox
Rocky and Judy Franich
Franklin Legacy Fund
Maria Linan and Martin Garcia
Steven Garner
Mark Gera
David and Teodora de Luna George
George Wilson, Inc.
Jim Gilcrest
Give with Liberty
Kindell and Nicholas Glinkowski
Marjorie Glover
Eugenio and Mary Alice Gonzales
Mark Grossman
The Growing Edge
Jack and Janna Hamilton
Paul and Roxanne Hanson
Daniel Harnish
Rita Harvey
Hawthorne Gallery, Inc.
John Hedrick DDS
The Hideout Restaurant
Jamie Hofer
The Hula School of Santa Cruz
Jean Hutchinson
Delayne and Paul Jennings
Jean-Marc Jot
Bilge Kapkin
Robert Kaswen
Jeff and Maureen Kendall
Gloria Kennedy
Horst and Vicki Kuhlmann
Darrell and Susan Kupka
La Coiffure
Robert La Porte
Gloria Lacasandile

Monique Lalibelle
Brenda Large
Julia Lennon
Lighthouse Bank
Lind for Life Foundation- California
Gerardo and Maria Loyola
J.M. Lukan
Leila Lyke
Amy MacDonald
Tom and Becky Mahony
John and Megan Martinelli
Duncan McCollum
Sasha and Paul McCrone
Melissa McDill
Orion Melehan
Jim and Victoria Melendy
David and Mary Lu Mesa
Gertrude Moore
Monterey Firefighters Assoc.
Mart Muirhead
Matt Muirhead
Theresa Mulder
Bruce and Jennifer Murphy
Johnny and Kathy Musser
Jim Nault
Lynn Osborne
Pacific Ag Pak, Inc.
Pacific Cookie Company
Pacific Wave Surf Shop, Inc.
Monique Pacurariu
Palomas Home Furnishings
Bruce Pantzloff
Jill Pepper
Dianne Pereira
Edward and Luch Perusse
Bill Pfeiffer
P G & E Corporation Foundation
Dana Pizzuti
Polaris Manufacturing
Nancy Porter
Precision Dynamic Machining
Rex and Brenda Rackley
Michael and Katrina Raffo
Rafeal Trust CJ Investment Services
Richard Rantala
Reade Electric
Resurrection Church
James and Tami Roberts
Ross Roofing
Gary and Wendy Sackett
Susan Salas
James and Suzanne Salata
Santa Cruz County Bank
Santa Cruz Friends Meeting
Santa Cruz Home Finance
Santa Cruz KPC
Santa Cruz Seaside Company
Santa Cruz Skin Solutions
Barry Santero
Christina Saur
Kendall Saville
Dane Scurich
Robin Sirakides
Beverly Sleeper
Andy and Steffanie Smith
Manny and Megan Solano
Erica Sowder
Walter and Janice Spichtig
Amy Greening Stanton
Jan and Debra Stawmyer
Josie Steigman
Stungun Productions
Tony Susco
Steven and Karen Sutherland
Ben Thomas
Shannon Thomas
Robert and Karen Kay Throop
Chau Tran
Neuf Trous
Paul James and Susan Blau-Ulner
University of California Santa Cruz
Paul James and Susan Blau Ulmer
Valencia Elementary
Jenise Vaccaro
Steven and Terri Vomvolakis
James and Kelly Holcomb Waller
Dave Wardle
Watsonville Community Hospital
Wells Fargo Community Support
Barney and Sharon Wiggins
Dani Wilcox
Marianne and James Winkler
Jon and Jill Winston
Robert Witte
J.K. Wong
Janet May Wong
Edwin Wood
Dora Ybarra
Julie Zack

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