Grief Support for Loss of Child – A Family of Families, Sorrow Shared

For nearly 18 years, Jacob’s Heart has been present with loving hearts and open arms to families who have lost a child to cancer or other circumstances. Our family counselors, interns and parent mentors are trained to accompany all family members through the journey of life without their child.

Jacob’s Heart is a place where every child is remembered, and each unique legacy is honored.

Programs and services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Financial assistance to help with funeral or memorial expenses and practical support to help with daily challenges

  • Help and support with planning remembrances, memorial services, legacy traditions and celebrations of life

  • Compassionate connections during the holidays – candle lighting, celebrations, sharing during the holidays (read Priceless, by Aimee Grijalva)

  • Eight-week thematic support groups in both Spanish and English in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties

  • Monthly drop-in groups (you don’t need to sign up, just show up)

  • Bereaved teen support – outings, groups and connections

  • Art and play therapy for grieving children
  • Peer mentorship – matching parents, grandparents and siblings with others who have been there, those who understand…the only ones who really understand

  • Referrals to additional resources

  • Bilingual support is available to all families who have lost a child to cancer or other diseases or conditions in Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Benito and South Santa Clara Counties.

Contact Norma Anaya for more information: [email protected] or 831-724-9100.

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